There is Grace for you
in the stage of life you are in right now.

Welcome to GraceFinders!
I’m Carrie Soukup. Author, coach.

I help busy moms find the time and tools for frequent and freeing prayer so they can lead a life feeling full of purpose and connection with God.

God sees…

that your life has purpose



Get the GRACE you need to live out this fulfilling path.

You are on mission! You have HUGE DREAMS for yourself and the people you love. You want to make a difference.  You earnestly want to reach out with what is good, right and true. You want to walk with God.

You can be intimately
connected to Christ even in the chaos

Mostly and deeply, we all want to know and be known by God. The amazing thing is that God even more so, longs to be with us. This makes prayer – real, intimate, close prayer – possible.
“At every time and in every place, God draws close to man. He calls man to seek him, to know him, to love him with all his strength.” – Prologue to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Are you a busy mom hoping for more fulfillment in life?

Wanting to do things right for the sake of your family?

Wishing you could get your internal house in order?

Good Lady, I’m convinced that with Grace, you can feel fulfillment in those dreams of yours – even in the little things

Grace (the action of God in our lives) is hidden in every corner of the work you do, the people you love and even the menial day to day tasks! While there is certainly struggle, you can feel joy in finding God in your midst.

You and I were made to THRIVE.
but sometimes, the deepest and most valuable longings of our hearts get thrown off balance by…

Feeling of Failure

The weight of perceived failure can be crushing. Sometimes its even just the little things that pile up and seem to scream at us every moment – a messy house, unpaid bills, a parent who you haven’t connected with in a while, discipline issues with your kids, stagnant job or even politics.

Weighty Concerns

Teething toddlers, aging parents, steering a teen towards healthy relationships are just a few of the normal yet substantial concerns that a mother carries. Throw in sickness, financial difficulties and relationship stress and you have a major need for a miracle.

A Million Tasks

Sometimes life does not seem like it is the dream that you dreamt. Instead of changing the world, you are changing the air filter on your furnace, driving to the grocery store for the third time this week, or going through the 100 emails that came in from your kids’ school.

that’s me too.

Carrie Soukup

Flawed and fumbling, yet flourishing.

Flourishing because of grace.
Flourishing because of prayer

When I was just getting my oldest of four into elementary school and my youngest out of diapers, I experienced some of the happiest times of my life. Yet the pressure of responsibility and resulting craze, caused my internal well being to reach a state of pain, angst, and confusion. My heart was bursting with longing. To be good. To meet God. To love well. To fulfil my mission.

But I felt like I couldn’t. Like I wasn’t.

…someone helped me frame my life in prayer.

A framework that fit me as a busy, always caring for someone, mom. Peace came, anger dropped, purpose in the little things. Best of all – connection with Christ.

There is a path
to the fulfillment you want.





I would love to help you to thrive through a growing prayer life.  It is possible to experience an outpouring of God’s love in the here and now and yet to come! Let me and this GraceFinders community help you to grow in prayer. 

Are you prepared for an increase in peace?  Perhaps you would you like to…
…gain traction in living out your calling.
…pick up some needed tools for passing on essentials to loved ones
…discover how to use your current circumstances to find and connect with God frequently.

As a woman trying to share in the mission of Christ,
I aim to encourage YOU.
I want to meet you where you are
and help you to grow closer to God.

– Carrie Soukup

It is my desire to write and coach lovingly from a Roman Catholic perspective in complete conformity with Jesus Christ in the heart of the Church.  I have an MA in Theology from Loyola University of Chicago and a Religious Studies BA at Indiana University. 

I’ve led thousands of students on retreat through the National Evangelization Team, written religious curriculum for many ages, done a little storytelling and been the recipient of a very generous spiritual director. 

Currently, I teach Scripture at my local Catholic High School while hanging out at the ball park and raising a family with my husband.

I’d love to know about you too!  Drop me a line at and introduce yourself.  Or sign up here for communication from me and then just hit reply.

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I’d love to write something just for you. What do you need to hear about?

Let’s thrive.