Mobile Monastery

Monks are successful at prayer largely because there are dozens of things through out the day that routinely, habitually call them to prayer.  Like Pavlov’s dog they hear a bell and it produces an immediate prayerful effect without much effort on their part because they have conditioned themselves.  What things are already part of your life that you can begin to associate with prayer?  One for me is the steering wheel.  When I put my hands on the wheel it means pray.  Pray about the journey, for direction, for the people I am guiding, for those whom I pass, for the Holy Spirit to lead, protect and fuel me.  Quickly though because I am actually driving.

One thought on “Mobile Monastery

  1. Amen! I am working on printing out the guardian angel prayer for the car, thought that would be a good visual reminder until it becomes a habit. Thanks!


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