Simple Scripture Study – with syrup and kids

Honey_being_drizzled_onto_buttered_pancakesA little while ago, my family of 6 studied one of the Psalms while eating a nice pancake breakfast.  We didn’t fight.  It wasn’t awkward.  I didn’t preach.  I wasn’t pulling teeth.  It worked.  Was it the fresh strawberries?  The fact that my husband made the pancakes extra fluffy?  Or maybe it was a good Psalm.  Or was it that it was a simple approach?  We have used this a few times since and it is so easy and open that I want to pass it on:

Draw a big heart on a paper and say,  “the point of reading the bible or praying is always to love God and to receive his love.  So, let’s keep love in mind.”

Notice – Draw a pair of glasses in the heart.  “In this Scripture passage, what do you notice.  What do you imagine?  What do you see in your mind?  If this bible portion were part of a movie, what would you see or hear?  What do you smell or feel?”  Read the passage and then let each person say something.

Wonder – Draw a think bubble (cloud with dots below).  “What does this passage make you wonder?  What are you curious about?  What is confusing?  What ideas pop up for you?”  Read the passage again if you wish and then let each person say something.

Act – Draw a stick figure running.  “What does this part of the bible make you want to do?  Make some change or resolution? Pray about?  Keep in mind?”  Let each person share.  This last one can perhaps be done as a prayer.  “Jesus, I would like to …”

“Thank you, Jesus, for this time in your Word.  Please help us to do the things you brought to mind.  We love you.  Amen”



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