Personal Prayer

Do you ever want to pray but not really know what to do?  Here are some ideas for about 10-15 minutes of quiet personal prayer.  What do you usually do?  What are your ideas?  What is best for you?  Leave a comment if you wish!

Ideas of things to do during personal prayer time

  • With Jesus, read, think and talk about part of the New Testament, slowly.
  • Lift up your family to God. Imagine that you are standing next to them and you are all right before the throne of God.  Smile at the Lord and show him your people.
  • Lie down and hide yourself in God’s arms. Let go of your troubles.  Trust in the Lord.  Let your breath speak His name.
  • List on paper or mentally, people in your life. Let your list be your prayer for them.
  • Think deeply with God about the people in your life. Pray for their needs and hopes.  Ask God how you can help.
  • With God, list your responsibilities. Tell Him what you are having the most trouble with.  Note the ideas that come to mind as solutions.

  • Sit with Jesus and discuss life.
  • Go for a walk with Jesus.
  • Just be quiet.
  • With Jesus, read, think and talk about any portion of the bible, slowly.
  • Find a Psalm or part of a Psalm that hits home a bit and read it to God again and again.
  • Get a bible study book and fill out the answers.
  • Make a resolution. Think through your motivations for this and your aids in following through.  Follow the Holy Spirit.
  • Write down what you think God is asking of you at this point of life. Ask Him.
  • Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you. Start a temper tantrum and listen to God as He loves you through it.  Respond to Him.
  • Dedicate your body in service to the Lord as you stretch.
  • Thumb through a spiritual book you’ve read already and think in God’s presence about what you learned.
  • Write down a few quotes from spiritual book you’ve read. Ask God what it means for your life.
  • Is your mind swimming with things you need to do? Write them down.  What are your feelings about these tasks?  Speak with God about it.  Ask God what you need to do.  Envision yourself accomplishing these tasks with Jesus by your side.  Ask Him about the people in your life whom you serve.  What do you need to know about them which will help you to love and serve like Christ?  What is the Father’s Will for you this week?  Ask the Holy Spirit to accomplish it in you.  As you look over your list, what does it reveal about your own deeper desires?  Journal or speak with God about these things.



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