The Birds Sing Out – Why Not You?

I get a lot of eye rolling my direction at Mass.  I think the word today is, “cringey”.  That’s my singing.  I don’t mean to embarrass my kids but, in a way, I can’t help it.  Not to sing and praise God would be for the best part of me to die and the shell of a woman to live.  But its not just Mass.  Its anytime that you and I feel like we have something to contribute, something of value to say, to encourage.  I’m not talking about life without a filter.  Of course timing, sensitivity, appropriateness and likely impact are all incredibly important.  But a lot of us have things inside about life, caution, beauty and love that are just bursting to come out.  Should we be quiet?

For me, its easy to feel that my voice is not important or my words are empty or that they mean little to others.  Other people can say things much better so I’ll just keep quiet.  I was praying about this the other morning while I was outside.  It was a beautiful morning.  The birds were singing, wind blowing gently and the air was fragrant.  As I paused to enjoy, I noticed a small bird repeating the same thing again and again – cauu, cauu, cauu, cauu.  It barely was a song at all.  But she was singing.  All of creation was.  I listened more closely.  The orchestra of birds and bugs which made the magnanimous sound almost entirely seemed to be composed of simple tunes repeated over and over.  Every bird and bug speaking made it better, humble as each one’s abilities were.  Your voice too is part of the beauty.  So, let’s tell our teenage daughters again that they are beautiful.  Let’s talk again with our little ones about responsibility and eye contact.  Let’s muse out loud about the sunset on walks with our friends.  Let’s sing at Mass.

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