Serving our Children in the Midst of Awful Things in Our Culture

You and I both know that there are awful things in our culture.  Things that wound us, disturb us, threaten us.  Sexual abuse by the clergy, for one terrible example.  If you have a little one or one who isn’t so little any more, then I know you desperately want to navigate life with them.  But I find it difficult, often, to really listen to my kids when many of the troubles of our culture are swimming around my brain.  Sometimes, at the right moment, I am able to share my thoughts and gently show them some of the sadness in our world, or in our Church.  But mostly, I need to listen their worlds.  Celebrate the ups, work through the downs.  In these times when many of us Catholics are reeling from devastating discoveries, I am trying to focus a bit more on my children – literally – through eye contact and prayer.  Filling myself with a few brief moments of contemplation morning, midday and evening so that I that can continue to walk with them on the path, teaching them to find grace.

What about you?  In what way do the troubles in the church or in our world affect the way you are with your kids?

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