The Nudge of God – do I listen?

Let’s presume that, my husband and I are in a “conversation” trying to figure out the softball, soccer, dance drop off, pick up, carpool schedule when I hear a little voice in my head saying, “smile at him.”  I really don’t feel like it so I cock my head to the side and raise my eyebrow up a little further.  Or imagine that my kids are fighting downstairs and something urges me to go sit with them and figure it out but I’m busy with an e-mail so I ignore it.  I have not cracked open the bible yet today and my heart pounds a bit when I see my book next to an empty chair but I eat a handful of chocolate covered almonds and scribble out my grocery list while doing 5 other things at the same time.  How long will I continue to hear that voice and ignore it?

Imagine that I begin again.  I silence the reprimanding prattle of the devil that berates me for my little decision and I also mute the cynic that says it doesn’t matter.  I listen instead to the nudge of God as an act of love.  This time, I respond.  I leave on time to pick up my kid because I heard the voice.  I turn away from my computer to face my son squarely.  I sit up for prayer rather than lying down and falling asleep.  This nudge is an invitation.  A pat on the back.  A gentle whisper in my ear.  As I habitually respond to it, it becomes my favorite voice.  If I go back to ignoring for a bit, may I converse with the Lord about it.  May I discover the grace at every turn that I was refusing.  May I say yes.  Go ahead, God, give me the nudge.

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