Sunday Scripture for Kids

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time – cycle B

Happy Sunday!  Here is a quick thing you can do to help your family internalize the Word of God this week:

Before Mass (perhaps in the car on the way to church):

This week’s readings are like a big loud announcement to anyone who is poor or tired or feeling bad.  Listen for this verse at Mass:

“Say to those whose hearts are frightened:
Be strong, fear not!
Here is your God,” Isaiah 35:4

Can you remember some of it and repeat it back?  Try.

It will be in the first reading, which is almost always from the Old Testament (the promises, laws and adventures people had with God before Jesus was born).    You might notice that in the Gospel, Jesus shows the people that God is here and he heals people!

When you hear this at Mass, ask God what he means.  Ask him what he wants YOU to do about it.  Any questions?


After Mass (perhaps on the way home):

What is the verse that you heard at Mass today?  Let’s hear what you have memorized from Isaiah 35:4.

What thoughts did you have when you heard the bible readings today?

God speaks through Scripture and also in the quiet of our hearts.  What is he asking us to do today?


Today’s Tip– Keep it simple and positive with good associations (smile, tousle the kids hair, etc.)

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