Give from God’s Strength

I’ve found myself feeling pulled in a million directions and failing people at every turn.  People who have a legitimate right to my love and attention- friends, parents, children, spouse, neighbors, school administrators… are often cut short and do not get what they deserve from me.  This is true also of the orphan, the widow, the poor, the sick, the friendless – people who I read about, who I pass on the street, who I know are out there.  Like everyone else in this world, I need to learn that I am limited.  Yet, my own smallness enables me to humbly tap into God’s eternal love.

Every Christian knows that when we offer up our love for others in prayer, we can bring tremendous grace to that person.  But did you know that your own limitations can bring about this grace?

My failings bring me to the Lord.  I can not give myself and so the Lord must make up for my lack.  That’s better, anyway that I would be.  I say or think, “Lord, I wish I could have stayed on the phone longer with my mom.  Please fill up what I can not do.”  “God, my son needs more understanding than this.  Please do for him what I cannot.”  “Jesus, I want help my husband with that project but I must leave to go shopping.  Please be for him what I can not.”  “God, I lift up to you those who are dying right now.  Be for them what I can not.”  As I pray for my family, friends, strangers, I imagine that I am standing at the altar, looking at the Father.  I bring my “people”.  I stand next to them and show Him who and how they are.  We stand together at the throne of grace.  In this way, faith tells me that my limited nature is able to bring grace to the world.

When run to Jesus’ heart and give from there, we are giving God and not just ourselves.  In fact, it is not ourselves that will really make a difference, even if we could give 100% all of the time.  

So the next time you find yourself coming up short (which for me will likely be this very minute), just whisper in your heart, “Here is all that I am right now, Lord.  Please give yourself.”

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