3 Easy Ways to Get to Know the Saints

I didn’t used to be crazy about the saints until I realized that they were becoming my friends.  As I get to know the stories of their childhood, their struggles and their ways of living out deep concepts, I myself find a strong grace at work in my own thoughts and actions.  Surprisingly, I can see this effect in my children too as they relate to Christians from the past and carry a kindred connection to the present.  Here are three of my favorite ways of getting to know a saint.  I call it “easy” because the writing of these three approaches is simple, story like- almost candy.

Glory Stories– These cd’s are worth every penny.  They have two 20+ minute stories about a saint.  I feel so good after listening to any of these stories.  They are inspirations, catechetical and entertaining.  Good conversations flows from these stories- plus a friendship with the saint.  I’ve even played them in the car when I’ve been without my children!

Saint of the Day by Franciscan Media – This is a free app or website with a quick minute and a half outlining the life and major contributions of the saint for the day.  The reader has a familiar sounding voice accompanied by a little bit of sweet music.  It is simple and easy to be a quick way to set you on the path of joining the saints in your day.  Plus, it highlights the saint according to the liturgical calendar so Christians all around the world are remembering that particular person.  Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to the saint of the day, you can look up any of them by alphabetical order.

Vision Books These chapter books focus help you to get to know the struggles and human development of a saint through the inside scoop of their stories.  Many of them focus heavily on the childhood of the saint so it is easy to want to grow right along with the saint and become someone who will dare to be great.  Though I purchased them for read aloud books for my children, they have made their way to my own night stand.

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