Pausing the Blog to Write a Book…

I’ve been writing a book for my oldest daughter and children (and maybe for you too).  Unfortunately, I haven’t touched it since the summer so, I’m pausing my blogging in order to focus a bit more.  I love that this is coming along with Advent and the cozy time of the winter.  Many religious orders greatly reduce their day to day correspondence during Advent and Lent in order to have a bit of a contemplative retreat-in-daily-life.  That’s what I hope this will be for me.  Maybe you too have something brewing that you need to retreat for a while to discover and develop?  I’ll pray for you.  Please pray for me.  FYI, the book is about the habits, mindsets and resources needed to experience a continually growing life-giving connection to Christ in the midst of daily life.  Its called “A Christian’s Coffee”.  

2 thoughts on “Pausing the Blog to Write a Book…

  1. Whats beautiful idea…writing a book for your children, and perhaps many others. I truly support you in prayer as I am sure it is the calling of the holy spirit.

    Many blessings to you this Thanksgiving. I know i am thankful for you!

    Christ’s love and peace,
    Pat Farrell


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