Back on Track – because I want to…

Thanks for waiting. I’m back to blogging.

In what area are you just getting back on track? Sometimes, we really just have to do what we love, not because we are great at it but because it is OURS to do.

Why should I write when millions of people say it better than me?  Why should I write when the gist of my message is already given again and again by the Church in a much clearer and correct fashion?  Why should I write when my own kids will probably learn all this naturally by living in the house with me and their response to this book will be, “yeah, I know.”  Why should I write when my friends and family will encounter all they need to know because God will provide it with or without me?  Well, the truth is, I want to say it!  This is what I have come to know and love.  This is my life, my way of being, my hope.  In articulating what I know and have discovered, I am caressing that which has saved me.  I write to say thank you.  I write because I can’t not.  I write because if I do not bring myself into a wrestling match with the Lord and the world, then I am dead.  I write to remind myself.  I write to play with the spiritual blocks of my life and see how they all fit together.  I write to chew the cud of this nourishment and swallow it once again, discovering new nutrients to digest which I had integrated previously but not understood.  I write to enjoy.

And you…?

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