Where is your confidence?

Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

You try very hard not to judge others and in fact, it probably comes easily to see the good in others and take people as they are. But what about yourself? How do you take your own mistakes? Or lack of growth? What about your situation in life? As children of God, daily we have an onslaught of attacks about who we really are. Those attacks of doubt, despair, and insecurity can leave us hurting and looking for assurance. Jesus also was questioned often about the core of his identity sometimes even by Satan himself. “If you really are the son of God…” Matthew 4:6

Not just a few of us tend to look to our accomplishments to convince us that we are lovable and worthwhile. An accomplishment can take the form of a clean house. Is everything picked up and ready for guests at just about any time? Or perhaps “likes” on a post are your confidence booster. A good hair day, new job, dinner that your family likes or checking off the exercise box every day this week all are good things that we look to in order to find comfort. But, another day comes and we start all over again. Needing it all done well again. And of course, there is the problem that often these things are not ultimately attainable. While we all would probably like to do our good endeavors because they are good and not because they will feed our need, even that is often unattainable. What’s a girl to do? Part of me wants to offer a pat answer to “just look to God.” But after decades of wrestling with this myself, I am more apt to just frankly acknowledge it as a struggle. Feel free to share if you find yourself in this predicament. Let’s keep on the path together, finding grace as God gives it to us.

“Help us, Lord, to know ourselves in you. Help us to do amazing things through your power for your sake, not ours. Let us find You.”

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