Advent Prayer for Families

an Advent wreath helps our family to focus on Christ

Happy New Year! Advent is the start of the liturgical calendar. It can be a terrific time to begin new traditions. I often struggle, wishing there was more prayer into our family mode but it can be hard. Often times we would rather watch one of the many episodes of Star Wars than do something to encourage our faith. So, going with the theme of light, this this Advent, we will be focusing finding the times in the day to allow ourselves to be filled with God, who is light so that we may burn brightly. Here’s how to start:

Set up your advent wreath

There are so many beautiful ways to do this but sometimes it isn’t easy to find purple candles. Our method has been to put out an assortment of different, un-matching of candles. We like 2 inch or more in diameter. We put three blue or purple candles with one pink on a metal tray and decorate it with a few evergreens. If you have trouble finding purple, the candles could be all white and you add a bit of liturgical color with ribbon or paper.

Print an Advent prayer

Jesus, you are the source of all Light.

Please fill us

in heart, mind, soul and strength

so we may burn brightly

as we joyfully anticipate

your Advent.

Gather resources as options

I put a handful of books and ideas on the table and spread them out in a pretty arrangement. I had to go to the library to get more things that my kids haven’t seen before and because I really want to give the kids a fair number of choices.

Make a plan

When will you be able to be filled / or shine in: heart, mind, soul and strength? Each person can make their own plan. My kids will open their advent calendars after school and that will be the moment for them to check in and remember to be filled with and shine out the light of Christ.

Burn Brightly

Let God love you through this Advent and remember that the best laid plans to not always work out. God has you in his hands and he is active. The light will come!

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