New Book Coming!

ad- coming soon! canva squareWe are like a barrel of monkeys over here in my house.  But, somehow in the midst of hug-fests and pent up pacing, my family gave me space to finish writing this book!  It has been on my heart for three years but in the last 3 months, I felt a burning drive to get this into people’s hands.  So, here it is!

eBook first

No, the spine of the book is not a cardboard brown- that’s just me playing with graphic design.  In fact, there is no spine to this book yet.  I had hoped to release this as a paperback for distribution at churches on Pentecost but due to the craziness of our communal worship, I worked hard and converted this to an eBook so that people can begin to enjoy its fruits now.  I am publishing this with kdp (aka Amazon).  So, at first it will only be available through Kindle.

Don’t miss out on free deals.

Click here to get updates for sale days and paperback release dates, availability on other platforms.  I will be able to offer this book for free 5 days out of the first 90.  The first and second free day will be April 7th and April 8th.  Keep up on offerings so you can tell your friends.  Get it for everyone in your household this so they can use the book along with you.

You can help create the book

After you get the eBook, please let me know (below) if there are favorite prayers of yours that are missing that you would like to see in it.  I will have until April 20th to make additions before the paperback comes out.


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