What is the book about?

Here I share personally about Collection of Grace – A Handbook for Growing a Life of Prayer available on amazon as an ebook.  Paperback coming soon.

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“I sat before the last doctor, after 5 or 6 others, ready to hear my prognosis.  She was a middle-aged and down to earth.  After finding nothing wrong, she calmly said, “You know, stress can do weird things.  Do you think that could be your problem?”

No scope, blood test or MRI could see what another mom could see.  Because my problem was, I did not have the capacity to be in ten places at once nor the power to accomplish all my work.  And beyond that, there was deeper trouble.  In my frenzy, I had put to the side my romance with Christ, exchanging the loving company I kept with God for slavish work.  I had become short-fused, intemperate and bitter.  My longing for God and inability to respond made me suffer greatly, while the guilt from my ugly behavior compounded daily. ” –

This is an excerpt from the introduction to Collection of Grace.

Many of you have lived what I experience about 7 years ago.  You may have been close to Christ or a deeply joyful but sometimes life can just suck the best out of us all.

But we are made to thrive. 

And through a series of divine interventions, I learned to pray again.  I learned to be with Jesus in my CRAZY life.  Because that’s actually the only place that we can find God – here and now.  I learned to set aside a little bit of time to be with Christ. Even when that took a miracle multiple times a day.

And the transformation of my life was real.  Perhaps you couldn’t have seen it on the outside but- I found God.  or, rather, I let God find me.

That’s what this book is meant to do – help you to thrive.

And, of course, it is all God. God is the one who is active.

And when you experience something powerful but very simple and normal, you want to share it.  Like many of you, I desperately want my family to experience faith.  And occasionally I might push, or pull or preach.  May be a little.  Still, my kids and husband walk this path with me.  But sometimes I fumble – when it comes to teaching that inner sanctuary – or even just leading the kids in prayer.

So, I collected the best things to help with prayer.  Hopefully they can pick up where I leave off.  Less about me.  More about them and God.  with me just accompany them.

You too can accompany your children into a life of prayer.  I’m sure you do already. This book can help.  Help you and your families find God in your messy, crazy life and provide a flexible structure for growing the inner life.

This is not a story, it’s a resource book.  It is a narrated handbook for growing prayer.

I recommend that you get a copy for each person in your family so you can go through this together.  Because of the corona virus pandemic, I’ve pushed this project forward and made it available as a kindle ebook so that lots of people can access it.  But it is meant to be a paperback.  Meant to live in your kitchen or by your bedside.  To be highlighted and worn down and dog-eared.  Not so much read cover to cover but referenced often.

I hope you enjoy this collection of grace.  It’s Your collection.  Because God invites You to thrive.  Let me know how he grows that grace in you.



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