Book Summary: Collection of Grace

book summary

You are made to thrive in a growing relationship with God!

No matter what your circumstances, God’s invitation to peace, purpose and connection remains through a life of prayer. Here in this Collection of Grace, Carrie helps you to develop a fitting, flexible plan to allow these treasures of the Church to open your heart to the power of God’s grace growing in every fiber of your life.

Collection of Grace – A Flexible Handbook for Growing a life of Prayer:
Available as a Paperback or ebook on Amazon.
Preview the table of contents.
What is the book about?  Find out in this short video.

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Find nourishment

  • a path to daily prayer
  • essential Church resources at hand
    (without having to use your phone)
  • open space to craft your own plan
  • a friendly voice guiding along the way
  • pictures to easily orient and find things
  • usability for many ages – families can grow together

What this book can do is simply help us humbly discover and open up ourselves to the unique and unrepeatable life of contemplation that our Lord has in store for each one of us.

– Fr. Javier del Castillo,  Vicar of Opus Dei in the Midwest (USA)

What a wonderful idea. The opportunity to offer a prayer for a child is an essential expression of spiritual intimacy in our families.  My hope is that parents and children will give the gift of heartfelt prayers that will last a lifetime.

– Fr. Matt Foley, St. James Pastor

Behind the book

Originally started as a Confirmation gift, Carrie wanted to share with her teenage daughter a path to the best avenues of grace.  With a heart for the work of spreading the good news, Carrie turned the gift into a resource for anyone wanting a little help in prayer or for someone coaching another along the path of faith.   Her hope is to equip friends, parents, grandparents, high school students, missionaries, catechists and the average Catholic in the pew for the work of mission as well as their own spiritual growth.

Christian Prayerbook
Discover a Handbook for Growing a Life of Prayer

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