Urbi et Orbi Litany of Supplication – a short prayer – family style

black-and-white-photography-of-concrete-structure-3486801 (1)
St. Peter’s Basilica for Urbi et Orbi

When all 6 us of us gathered around the t.v. for the Urbi Et Orbi, we thought we were in for a 15 minute deal.  The kids squirmed and fidgeted, trying hard to keep up the reverence, thinking the actual blessing was just around the corner.  But Pope Francis was in no hurry.  And neither was I – drawn to the solemnity of the event and moved to tears at gravity of our world’s state and yet overwhelmed at the generosity plenary indulgence.

As a mom of four holy (yet silly and normal kids), I long to bring that beautiful Urbi Et Orbi moment to my kids during this pandemic but… in small doses.  How we pray like that, like Pope Francis – united to the world, to our holy Father, to the sufferings around us and immersed in Christ himself?  How can we remember that moment of forgiveness and recompense?

But shorter.  Quicker.

Turns out the answer came from my parents.  They too, were moved by the Urbi et Orbi Blessing, and because of that, my father, who recorded the event, listened again and again to annotate the Litany of Supplications.  Tonight after dinner, my family and I put off kitchen clean up and paused for 5 minutes to pray this prayer which was part of that momentous Friday.  It was wonderful.

Your family too, can share in the prayer of the church along with the signs of the times.  We printed this prayer and divided the paragraphs among our family members .  The words are not too difficult and it hits many of the topics we are all concerned about but don’t know how to mention.  Thanks, Dad!

Pope Francis’ Litany of Supplications
Urbi et Orbi March 27, 2020

Response:  We adore you, O Lord
True God and true Man, truly present in this Blessed Sacrament R
Our Savior, God with us, faithful and rich in mercy R
King and Lord of Creation and of history R
Conqueror of sin and death R
Friend of humankind, the Risen One, the living one who sits at the right hand of the Father R

Response: We believe in you, O Lord
Only begotten Son of the Father descended from heaven for our salvation R
Heavenly physician, who bows down over our misery R
Lamb who was slain who offered yourself to rescue us from evil R
Good Shepherd, who give your life for the flock which you love R
Living Bread and medicine for immortality who give us Eternal Life R

Response:  Deliver us, O Lord
From the power of Satan and the seductions of the world R
From the pride and presumption of being able to do anything without You R
From the deceptions of fear and anxiety R
From unbelief and desperation R
From hardness of heart and the incapacity to love R

Response:  Save us, O Lord
From every evil that afflicts humanity R
From hunger, from famine, and from egoism R
From illnesses, epidemics, and the fear of our brothers and sisters R
From devastating madness, from ruthless interests and from violence R
From being deceived, from false information and the manipulation of consciences R

Response:  Comfort us, O Lord
Protect your Church which crosses the desert R
Protect humanity, terrified by fear and anguish R
Protect the sick and the dying, oppressed by loneliness R
Protect doctors and healthcare workers, exhausted by the difficulties they’re facing R
Protect politicians and decision makers who bear the weight of having to make decisions R

Response:  Grant us your Spirit, O Lord
In our Hour of trial and from confusion R
In temptation and in our fragility R
In the battle against evil and sin R
In the search for what is truly good and true joy R
In the decision to remain in you and in your friendship R

Response:  Open us to hope, O Lord
Should sin oppress us R
Should hatred close our hearts R
Should sorrow visit us R
Should dear friends cause us anguish R
Should death overwhelm us R


Click here to get the printable pdf of this prayer

black-and-white-photography-of-concrete-structure-3486801 (1)

St. Peter’s Basilica for Urbi et Orbi

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