Now in Paperback

now in paperbackI’m so excited to tell you that Collection of Grace is now in paperback!  It feels momentous because this “Flexible Handbook for Growing a Life of Prayer” is meant to live in your kitchen or on your nightstand – dog-eared, underlined and beat up.  Not so much read cover to cover as referenced again and again and again.  I hope it can be:

  • a cheerleader for prayer
  • familyyour spiritual secretary
  • your prayer librarian
  • words for the kids
  • a silent helper for a spiritual connection with your spouse
  • a way to help your family pray

You can read more about the book on this summary.  Or stay connected about such things.  Purchase the book here on Amazon.

the paperback is coolbook

In the paperback, the 75+ pictures (hand-traced by me and my kids) help you to navigate.  You can write in it with worksheets and quick journaling.  Plus, the cover has a nice feel.  😊


accessible cost

This month, you can pick up a copy for $8.  Did you give your mom a present last weekend?  Get one for her, your kids and that lady from work who is super-stressed.


ebook is cheap

If you are not sure you’d like it, pick up the eBook for 99 cents this month on Kindle.  If you like what you see, pick up the PAPERBACK (it is better).

you are awesome

Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement and outreach about this project!!!  You have carried me.  I’m grateful because I really believe that this resource can be a major source of peace and direction for someone wanting to grow in prayer.  Would you like to keep helping me get the word out? 

  • Maybe you can share a direct link to the book or one of these posts on your favorite social media hang out.
  • Freeze time for 2 minutes and write a super short (but honest) review on Amazon.
  • Any other ideas on how to encourage people who want to be closer to God?  I’m open!

shareable links

Collection of Grace – A Flexible Handbook for Growing a life of Prayer:
Now in paperback on Amazon.
Available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle.
Preview the table of contents.
Paperback coming soon!   sign up for updates on new material launching and sales.
What is the book about?  Find out in this short video.

13 thoughts on “Now in Paperback

    1. Andrea, thanks for reaching out! I just made a switch with Amazon. You should be able to order it within 72 hours. I’ll leave the international window open for ordering until June 2nd. I hope that helps. I’ll likely do an international week every season. Let me know if you need something else.


  1. Hello Carrie,

    It’s 1st June here in Perth, Australia and Amazon still says I can’t purchase your book as it can’t be shipped to my address. Not sure why this is happening. I’ve tried every day since May 29…


    1. Oh, you poor lady! Checking every day! I thought it was all set up for international distribution but your dilemma made me look in Amazon’s fine print, “ is not a supported marketplace for KDP, your book may be available for purchase through the Global Store in KDP do not guarantee its availability and we are working continuously to improve our Customer experience.” I’ve had such a good experience with Amazon so far but it looks like it falls short in delivering this book to Australia. If you have any suggestions for me, I’m open. I have posted a question on the author support community to try to find a way around it.

      I am so sorry that it was not a quick and easy answer. Thank you for looking into this. Perhaps you would like James Socias’ “Handbook of Prayers.” He is much more well established that I am and perhaps his book is available in your territory. It has similar rich and traditional content – though his book is more stately and mine is more casual.


      1. Hello Carrie,

        I appreciate you looking into it! I will keep your book in my Wishlist and keep an eye out for it. Thank you for the other suggestion! I will check it out 🙂
        All the best with your book sales!


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