updated ebook free today

free today

Help yourself to this Collection of Grace: a Flexible Handbook for Growing a Life of Prayer. where I narrate tons of the best Catholic Christian resources available for prayer. The ebook is free on May 14!  Find it on Kindle/Amazon.  The Kindle app is free and available on any phone or tablet.  (A paperback version is available now too.)

It truly is a personable guide to help you into a fiery prayer-life.  See more in this summary of the book or watch a little video about it helping your family.

Updated with Linked Index

Since, as you may have noticed, I’m not the most precise writer on Amazon and I had plenty of typos to correct.  But the best thing about this update is the linked index.  It makes it much easier to find the prayers you want.  So, even if you have purchased this in the past, delete it from your kindle app and re-upload this one.

Free Today

It is free today especially for my sophomore high school students.  I just told them today about the project! Feel free to share and spread the word.  I hope as many people as possible can pick this up for free.

3 thoughts on “updated ebook free today

    1. Donatella, if you are having trouble and don’t see it free in Italy, it must only be on Amazon.com. I have one more day coming up in June when I can post it for free. I’ll look into how to make sure it includes Europe as well. I’ll even email you the day before. 🙂


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