Christ in the Crisis – a summertime bible study

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Peaceful sunny days at the park, encircled by the threat of a deadly illness, social ostracizing and violent and systemic injustices. What a weird time, eh? By faith, I believe that Christ is with us here in the chaos. He’s here in the sometimes comfortable, wonderful chaos and in the darkness of pain and confusion. It takes a certain savvy to know what is needed – and when – and how. But a lot is needed. In fact, YOU are needed. You are needed for such a time as this. And God has prepared you for this moment. For this point of in history, in your family, in your neighborhood, in your nation.

But I know that I personally can get way off course if I am not spending time in the Word. I’m feeling the need more this summer than usual to turn to the bible to help me with the direction of my life. I want to have my finder on the pulse of the story-line of God. Maybe you too would like to find Christ in the Crisis. Here’s a plan to turn to some stories of crisis. They are loosely in chronological order.

The Prophet Jeremiah – speaking the truth: encouragements, warnings, de facto and hope.

  • Watch Jeremiah’s overview
  • Read the call of the prophet Jer 1.
  • Read the trouble with worship in the temple Jer 7.
  • Read the image of Babylon as a cup of wine Jer 25.
  • Read hope in the midst of destruction – change our hearts Jer 30, 33.
  • Read the warnings about destruction fulfilled with a promise of hope Jer 52 (parallels 2 Kings 25).
  • How are you called to be a prophet? What truths are you to see de facto, as a warning, with encouragement, with hope?

Destruction of the temple and into exile – This is a video heavy week but it doesn’t have to happen in any particular order.

  • Watch a background video on the exile.
  • Read in 2 Kings 24-25 about the destruction of the temple and being brought into exile.
  • Watch a background video on Lamentations.
  • Read the book of Lamentations. It could take between 30-60 minutes depending on how much you ponder as you go.
  • If you are really interested, you can also view the way of the exile.
  • Map out the story-line of what happened in 2 Kings 24-25 and Lamentations.
  • Consider ways in which you are in exile, your response, your calling and God’s providential presence.

Esther – for such a time as this.

  • read Esther 1-10.
  • Watch a background video on Esther.
  • Find the elements of the story, along with themes.
  • What lines stand out as timeless?
  • Parallel scenarios in your life to Esther’s.

Jesus meets Pontius Pilot – in the book of John

  • watch a video over viewing the second 1/2 of the book of John
  • watch how to read the Gospels
  • see why did Jesus have to die as he did by Bishop Robert Barron
  • prayerfully read John 18-19:1-16 (all of chapter 18 and part of 18)
  • When are you called to stand in the place of Jesus and do as he did?

Missionary Journeys of Paul

  • watch an over view of the middle of the book of acts to get a feel for Paul’s missionary journeys.
  • Read this expert from 2 Corinthians. It is contains pieces from 2 Cor 2:12- 6:2 Highlight the lines that stand out to you.
  • What missionary journey are you on? How can you draw strength from Paul’s story?

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