God’s Story is Your Story

the story of your life is in the Word of God

Did you watch a lot of movies this covid quarantine?  I sure did.  My whole family and I love movies.  Maybe it is a left-over comfort from childhood when my mom or dad would read me a story before bed.  We all love to get lost in a story.  I think we are wired that way for a reason.  We are LIVING in the most dynamic, epic storyline ever – and we have not seen the end yet. 

God is the best storyteller.  He unfolds his drama and salvation through out history and in his Word, the backdrop, themes and future of our own living story are rendered through battles, love songs, unconscionable suffering and dream-like conquest. 

Can you see your own life in this saga of salvation history? You are a key player in God’s unfolding plan! Here’s a way to read scripture so that you can see the story both yours and his together.

Reading God’s Word with a Storyline

  1. Pick a passage, theme or storyline.
  2. Contextualize it a bit (when was it written, who is the audience, what had happened just before, how does it fit into the whole of Scripture).
  3. Find the story elements of your passage. This story mountain visual can help.
    1. Background: Characters/ Setting
    2. Rising Action
    3. Climax
    4. Falling Action
    5. Resolution
  4. Identify the themes that come from this story.
  5. Find those themes in your own life.
  6. Parallel your scenario to the story. What are the story elements of your scenario? (background, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution).
  7. Pray about it!

In it together

I am sure that God is writing a beautiful story in your life and that you and I and the church are connected in this huge wonderful mystery called life. Let’s draw example and encouragement from God’s word. Drop me a line and about an insight you’ve had from the bible. I’d love to hear how it is unfolding!

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