Growing a Life of Prayer – A Workbook Journal by Carrie Soukup

Introducing… Growing a Life of Prayer – A Workbook Journal by me, Carrie Soukup.

Journal your way to a life of prayer and connection with God. This book contains the complete text of my previous book, “Collection of Grace” but it is physically larger in order to include activities in the margins of each page. Mark it up! The activities are meant to lead you into engagement with the text, chalk full of the best prayers, practices and treasures of the Church. At times light hearted or even silly, but often explanatory and educational, the workbook aspect gives you something to DO during prayer and reading.

I hope you can use it as a devotional or as a way to engage your mind along with your heart. Adults, teens, families and earnest seekers will find it helpful. Available at

Would you like an 8 minute video explaining one of the best secretes in this book? It will help you to be connected to God, walk with purpose and feel stable – all in 30 seconds!

Here are examples of some of the pages inside. My kids did most of the drawing! 😉

Would you like a little quick hand holding? I’d love to share a video and pdf walking you through one of the practices in this workbook. It has stabilized my life and is one of the most important things I teach my own kids.

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