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A lot of people want to pray better and connect with God… but they feel stressed and guilty because they don’t know what to do and life gets chaotic. So I have collected some of the best theological resources of the Catholic Church to help people know how to pray well and how to use the craziness of life to amplify prayer.

Try the first chapter of my book: Collection of Grace – a flexible guide to growing a life of prayer.

If you are looking for grace through prayer, you are likely…

…a reflective leader
You have HUGE DREAMS for yourself and the people you love. Your goals involve purpose, goodness and heroism.

…aware of how hard it is
There are many hindrances to living with love and prayer.  Difficulties can come at you from all sides.  You can easily see the fight between good and evil – and the struggle for good is evident in the world.  Even within your own heart, you find obstacles.  Your calling is hard to reach.

…on a mission
You want to make a difference.  You earnestly want to reach those you love with what is good, right and true. You wish all people could share in a taste of heaven and you want to help those in need.  It is not exactly easy.

Mostly and deeply, you want to know and be known by God.

That’s me too.

Carrie Soukup
Flawed and fumbling, yet flourishing.

Flourishing because of prayer,
flourishing because of grace

I would love to help you to thrive through a growing prayer life.  It is possible to experience an outpouring of God’s love in the here and now and yet to come! Let me and this GraceFinders community help you to grow in prayer. 

Are you prepared for an increase in peace?  Perhaps you would you like to…
…gain traction in living out your calling.
…pick up some needed tools for passing on essentials to loved ones
…discover how to use your current circumstances to find and connect with God frequently.

As an author and instructor, I aim to encourage from a Roman Catholic perspective in complete conformity with Jesus Christ in the heart of the Church.  I have an MA in Theology from Loyola University of Chicago and a Religious Studies BA at Indiana University.  I’ve led thousands of students on retreat through the National Evangelization Team, written religious curriculum for many ages, done a little storytelling and been the recipient of a very generous spiritual director.  Currently, I teach Scripture at St. Viator Catholic High School while writing books and raising a family with my husband. 

I’d love to know about you too!  Drop me a line at gracefinders.carrie@gmail.com and introduce yourself.  Or sign up here for communication from me. 

Perhaps some of my books, workshops or mini courses can be of use to you as we start. Be sure to check them out. Also, there are plenty of articles listed in the blog to peruse.

What do you need to hear about?

Let’s thrive.