Urbi et Orbi Litany of Supplication – a short prayer – family style

When all 6 us of us gathered around the t.v. for the Urbi Et Orbi, we thought we were in for a 15 minute deal.  The kids squirmed and fidgeted, trying hard to keep up the reverence, thinking the actual blessing was just around the corner.  But Pope Francis was in no hurry.  And neither … More Urbi et Orbi Litany of Supplication – a short prayer – family style

New Book Coming!

We are like a barrel of monkeys over here in my house.  But, somehow in the midst of hug-fests and pent up pacing, my family gave me space to finish writing this book!  It has been on my heart for three years but in the last 3 months, I felt a burning drive to get … More New Book Coming!

Freeze Time

I wish I could freeze time. My kids often debate about what superpower is coolest- flying, transporting, strength. Me? I wish I was that girl Evie from the 80’s show “Out of this World” and just put my fingers together to stop the clock from running, then clap when I want it to start again. … More Freeze Time

Guide for Confession

Sometimes getting ready for the Sacrament of Reconciliation can be like staring at a blank wall.  We don’t know where to start.  Plus, you might be freaked out because you don’t remember what to do once your are in the confessional.  Here are two guides that that my family uses.  1. One of the guides … More Guide for Confession