Family Prayer

We pray as a family around the fireplace every so often and sometimes just as a married couple.  Since this time is not always easy, it can help to have some format.  Here’s an idea to try adapting along with your own message: Family Prayer   Song  Bless the Lord, o my soul and all … More Family Prayer

Is Everything the Will of God? -part 2 (a slight pause for humility)

Serendipitously, yesterday morning, I was able to go to Mass.  Since I had begun writing about the various challenges to the concept of accepting everything as coming from the Will of God, it was on my mind.  My buoyant spirit upon embarking this endeavor was slightly checked by a memory of the end of the … More Is Everything the Will of God? -part 2 (a slight pause for humility)

Pray as you go

Super relaxing.  Gentle encouragement.  Christ focused.  I’ve been enjoying this app called “Pray As You Go” as I commute to work or on a quick jaunt to the grocery store.  Its a 15 minute meditation on some bible readings.  The readers (British Jesuits) usually have cool accents and they feature music from all over the … More Pray as you go

Homemade Retreat

Vacations and trips are amazingly helpful to development and happiness but rarely leave me as charged and ready for action as a retreat.  Many people take a yearly retreat but it can be hard to find the right fit and time.  As a DIY-er, I love a Homemade Retreat.   This retreat doesn’t cost anything, is totally tailored to what I’m … More Homemade Retreat


This free audio book source has changed my day to day chores into a university lecture hall.  Even when I have no free time, I can cast myself into the classical world of Plato, stroll the countryside with Mr. Darcy, debate with Charlotte Bronte, or discover incredible treasure with the count of Monte Cristo.  With the touch of a … More Librivox