Pray as you go

Super relaxing.  Gentle encouragement.  Christ focused.  I’ve been enjoying this app called “Pray As You Go” as I commute to work or on a quick jaunt to the grocery store.  Its a 15 minute meditation on some bible readings.  The readers (British Jesuits) usually have cool accents and they feature music from all over the map.  What is your favorite “car meditation” app?  Let’s not get too comfy now, right?!

Weekly Bible Verses

“May the word of God dwell in you richly.” – Col 3:16  Oh, how I long for my kids to experience this!  I know that they can be “transformed by the renewing of their minds” and touched deeply by the “living and active word.”  But the Words of Scripture first need to enter into their thoughts.  Seems like such a simple thing- for a parent or teacher to “feed” the word of God to her children but I don’t think I’m alone in feeling frustrated at the difficulty of this task.

Here’s an idea to help a bit:

Post a scripture verse for the week somewhere in your house.  Have one of your kids pick the verse out from a list of suggestions (see below).  Decorate it.  Read it out loud when you pass it.  Mention it.  During bed time prayers, see if they remember it.  Add more highlights and decorations to it as the week goes on.

We have a big chalk board in our mudroom that still has a message on it from 4 months ago.  It think it is time to change it up and start this weekly bible verse idea!  What are some of the ways that you help the word of God dwell richly in your children?  Mention it in the comments if you’d like
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Personal Prayer

Do you ever want to pray but not really know what to do?  Here are some ideas for about 10-15 minutes of quiet personal prayer.  What do you usually do?  What are your ideas?  What is best for you?  Leave a comment if you wish!

Ideas of things to do during personal prayer time

  • With Jesus, read, think and talk about part of the New Testament, slowly.
  • Lift up your family to God. Imagine that you are standing next to them and you are all right before the throne of God.  Smile at the Lord and show him your people.
  • Lie down and hide yourself in God’s arms. Let go of your troubles.  Trust in the Lord.  Let your breath speak His name.
  • List on paper or mentally, people in your life. Let your list be your prayer for them.
  • Think deeply with God about the people in your life. Pray for their needs and hopes.  Ask God how you can help.
  • With God, list your responsibilities. Tell Him what you are having the most trouble with.  Note the ideas that come to mind as solutions.

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Simple Scripture Study – with syrup and kids

A little while ago, my family of 6 studied one of the Psalms while eating a nice pancake breakfast.  We didn’t fight.  It wasn’t awkward.  I didn’t preach.  I wasn’t pulling teeth.  It worked.  Was it the fresh strawberries?  The fact that my husband made the pancakes extra fluffy?  Or maybe it was a good Psalm.  Or was it that it was a simple approach?  We have used this a few times since and it is so easy and open that I want to pass it on:

Draw a big heart on a paper and say,  “the point of reading the bible or praying is always to love God and to receive his love.  So, let’s keep love in mind.”

Notice – Draw a pair of glasses in the heart.  “In this Scripture passage, what do you notice.  What do you imagine?  What do you see in your mind?  If this bible portion were part of a movie, what would you see or hear?  What do you smell or feel?”  Read the passage and then let each person say something.

Wonder – Draw a think bubble (cloud with dots below).  “What does this passage make you wonder?  What are you curious about?  What is confusing?  What ideas pop up for you?”  Read the passage again if you wish and then let each person say something.

Act – Draw a stick figure running.  “What does this part of the bible make you want to do?  Make some change or resolution? Pray about?  Keep in mind?”  Let each person share.  This last one can perhaps be done as a prayer.  “Jesus, I would like to …”

“Thank you, Jesus, for this time in your Word.  Please help us to do the things you brought to mind.  We love you.  Amen”