We Are Lifeguards

About three years ago, my little kids are with a babysitter and I fidget, half naked on the bleachers, waiting for this life guarding course to begin.  The blue bathing suit just purchased on Amazon feels a little tight around my 40-year-old flab.   Quickly looking around, it is obvious that no one else here has nursed four babies.  Goosebumps already forming, I’m afraid of being cold from nine-five for a week straight.  And I’m really worried I can’t hold my breath long enough at the bottom of the diving well. Continue reading “We Are Lifeguards”

Cultivate New Growth

While many of us are planting seeds, preparing soil for saplings, feeding established plants, pruning to create new growth and fighting weeds, we can take a tip from the natural world to more clearly understand what is happening in our souls and how to care for those of our children.  Perhaps you could sit outside for 5 minutes this weekend, visually considering horticulture (urban as it is) as analogy for your interior growth.

Kid Friendly Summer Spiritual Challenges

Start some summer spiritual fun with these challenges for yourself and your kids.

  1. Write a meal time prayer that your family can use for a season.
  2. Illustrate 10 scenes from the bible.
  3. Practice all the spiritual works of mercy.
  4. Read the Gospel of Mark cover to cover.
  5. Memorize the Beatitudes.
  6. Pray the Rosary 8 times.
  7. Invite a friend to church with you.
  8. Go through your stuff and find 20 things you can give to someone who is poorer than you.

Make a cute poster or a fancy chart.  Prizes are always fun.  Get a competition going.  What other challenges would you add?