Adding a Catholic voice to the educational conversation…

A series of dialogues for middle and high school age Catholic children (and their parents) who attend public schools.  The goal is to increase the desire and capacity to fill out the educational process of discovering Truth and becoming equipped for successful service in the world.   Hopefully the seminars will:

  •  Equip these faithful children with support from family and Christian community especially through intelligent and loving conversation. 
  • Familiarize avenues to discover what the Catholic church teaches about various subjects
  • Broaden our view of education to include faith and reason
  • Expand critical thinking skills which free their minds to explore, question and discover in a faithful supportive environment
  • Release them from the grip of passivity of needing to believe everything they are told by their teachers, newspapers and peers
  • Connect with God in the discovery of His world – via prayer, scripture and support.   

Evening format:

10min   Appetizers and drinks

  5min   Intro and Prayer

15min   Brief lecture about the topic, to frame the conversation

15min   Small group discussions – Three questions are posed.  Groups take notes of conversation. 

15min   Large group sharing of most pertinent small group discussion points.

  5min   Prayer

10min   Lingering