Framing – Summary Outline – Connecting

Framing Life in Prayer
With Carrie Soukup

You can use this outline to remember the content of the video or you can look at it while you watch and take notes. Or, if you are in a big hurry to cut to the chase, read this first, then go back to the video at your leisure.

Connecting with the Body of Christ

Connect with the Body of Christ

Today’s spiritual practice is to connect with the body of Christ. 

Body of Christ is the church – the people of God. 

All people baptized – by water and spirit and also by desire. 

Different parts of the church

  • Just as there are different parts of the bodies. 
  • All have an essential part to play.  Church transcends time, space, language, affiliations. 
  • Crazy to think that we are Christ’s body. 
  • The church is called the bride of Christ.

Place where grace flows to us.

  • NT flowed from the church
  • The leader of the church, Peter, was given authority to bring about God’s forgiveness – Matt 16: 18-19
  • An authority passed on symbolized by the keys of the kingdom of heaven.
  • 1 Tim 3:15 – the Church is the pillar and foundation of truth
  • Truth flows to us.

The church is, herself, the sacrament which makes Christ present.  The church is a visible sign of an invisible grace. 

We are body and soul – God wants us to connect literally – not just esoterically.  He wants us to hear from another person – you are forgiven.  He knows we need the smells and bells and smiles and smirks.  We need to be guided.  We need to be on the journey with others.  We need a person – lots of people.  And the church is the vessel God has chosen for us to receive this grace.

So… today’s spiritual practice is connecting with the church.  This is a huge project with tons of variety.  I’m going to list 7 ways you can do this.  They are not all equal to each other but each way is a connection. 

  1. Enjoy friendship with a believer.
  2. Pray with the Eucharist. 

Daily Mass, prayer service, online Mass, visit tabernacle, make a spiritual communion

3. Learn what the church has or is saying. 

4. Befriend the saints.

5. Remember your baptism.  Or be baptized.

6. Pray with someone. 

7. Reach out – be church for someone else.  Pass on the faith.  Pass on mercy.  Pass on love.

Challenge – determine to connect with the body of Christ at least one way every day.  Pick a time of day to evaluate this connection – plugging in your phone? 


Feel free to drop me a line and let me know how its going!