Framing – Summary Outline of The Presence of God

Framing Life in Prayer
With Carrie Soukup

You can use this outline to remember the content of the video or you can look at it while you watch and take notes. Or, if you are in a big hurry to cut to the chase, read this first, then go back to the video at your leisure.

The Presence of God


#1 feel less frustrated (find your footing)
#2 be able to do 5 traditional Christian practices as part of a framework for prayer
#3 know God is with you and that you are able to pray

I can’t hear you!
We all can get inner turmoil.
Blocks awareness and connection to others and God. 
Hard to live in union with God when we can’t listen.

Learning How to Hear
Part of the practice of the presence of God is learning how to listen.
What is prayer? 
Excerpt from Collection of Grace by Carrie Soukup:

The Catechism of the Catholic Church on Prayer

“For me, prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy.”1

Prayer as God’s gift
2559 “Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God.”2 

Prayer as covenant
2562 … According to Scripture, it is the heart that prays…

2563 The heart is the dwelling-place where I am, where I live; according to the Semitic or Biblical expression, the heart is the place “to which I withdraw.” The heart is our hidden center, beyond the grasp of our reason and of others; only the Spirit of God can fathom the human heart and know it fully.

Prayer as communion
2565 … the life of prayer is the habit of being in the presence of the thrice-holy God and in communion with him.

God is active
Everywhere – omnipresent
God wants a relationship with you
We only have to open and let him take the lead

Brother Lawrence
Carmelite monk 1614-1691
Saw a tree and recognizing the power of God, was always in God’s presence
Realized a part of who God is changes us
We become more like a child

No difference between work and set times of prayer
If we are in union with God – everything is prayer
Open, aware, communicating, heeding
Like a friendship

But we are not simple
We don’t hear, can’t slow down, forget, feel distracted and are fractured
We cannot pray always if we do not pray sometimes
Need things to bring us back

3 helps to pray “always”
Prayer of breath
Your body and being pray
Common aspirations:
Lord Jesus, son of the living God, have mercy on me a sinner
Come Holy Spirit
Thank you
You can write your own or take a phrase from scripture

St. John Vianney’s prayer
I love You, O my God, and my only desire is to love You until the last breath of my life.
I love You, O my infinitely lovable God,
and I would rather die loving You, than live without loving You.
I love You, Lord, and the only grace I ask is to love You eternally
My God, if my tongue cannot say in every moment that I love You,
I want my heart to repeat it to You as often as I draw breath.

Literal and figurative
Silence is a classroom
Be attentive to God’s voice and to our own hearts

We usually have a running commentary on everything
Change it to a dialogue
He and I by Gabrielle Bossis
she hears from God – you can too
God enters into our circumstances
We can carry on an ongoing friendship with God.

Quick considerations for common problems
Don’t hear – that’s ok!  God will communicate in the way that is best for you and your personality
Can’t slow down – just breath.  Pray that you will be able to slow down and listen
Forget to pay attention – make notes for yourself.  Wear something that will trigger your mind.

Practice the presence of God!
Chose one way that will lead you into it – aspiration, silence or dialogue.
Then circle back and add another help/practice

Take Action

I challenge you to do this for 10 days.  Put a check mark by the day.  If you miss a day, just pick up where you left off.

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Please email me and let me know how easy or hard this is for you.

I’m rooting for you!