Framing – Summary Outline -Sacrifice

Framing Life in Prayer
With Carrie Soukup

You can use this outline to remember the content of the video or you can look at it while you watch and take notes. Or, if you are in a big hurry to cut to the chase, read this first, then go back to the video at your leisure.


A Prayer of Offering

You can do this prayer no matter where you are no matter what you’re doing and you’re probably doing it already.


The word Christian means little Christ and you share in the mission of Christ.
Unity with the Father with God through the Spirit in Christ.

Definition of sacrifice as something you give up of your life for the sake of someone else.

Passive Sacrifice – enduring circumstances

You endure something. You’re passive in it and life is coming at you.
Even though it’s passive we are participating quite a bit.
A moment for a yes like Mary.
You bring God into that. Moment you birth Christ.

Passive Sacrifice – vocation

Another kind of passive sacrifice is when it’s it’s your vocation
Vocation is a calling from God
You’re called to these people and you’re called to to this to care for these people in this way.
You’re making your life a gift

For others

Those hidden sacrifices that no one but God sees are very very special to God
You actually can link to people all around the world. 
you offer up that moment on behalf of some other people around the world

Active Sacrifice

do something for somebody else because their needs are so obvious
die to ourselves a little bit so that someone else may flourish
 if a grain of wheat falls and it dies then it bears fruit

I’m not recommending that you do all these things all the time
recognize that you do many of these things already.
Shift your intention so that the things you do are intentionally for God.
The focus is love.

5 Sensory Mortifications


in all these things, you can opt to give up a tiny portion of it for a tiny amount of time in order to offer it as a prayer, gain more self control, be able to live in love more fully later when you are tempted.

3 Interior Senses for a Gift of Sacrifice or Mortification

Memory – the past
Curiosity – the present
Imagination – the future


One active sacrifice – (do one little thing every day)
Take notice of one passive sacrifice (make your intention for God)

Figure out how many days you will do this for…5, 7, 10? Then re-evaluate.


Feel free to drop me a line and let me know how its going!