Mini Course – Frame your Life in Pray – Partnership Offer

Connecting to God is not just for super holy people but every living breathing person on the face of this earth.  And an integrated life of prayer is the path that helps you flourish!  A lot of people want to be more connected to God. They want to pray more or more deeply but they feel busy or blank.  And so…

On October 24th, I am launching a course to help people find their footing. It is a course on prayer.  Personal prayer.  On an ordinary, crazy life of deep, Catholic, integrated prayer.

I know what it is like to want to connect to God but instead fumble through one frustration after another.

This can happen at many stages of life.  In fact, I even felt this way after I had gone through four wonderful years of religious studies, two years of theology grad school and a few years of being a missionary. By the way, if you don’t yet know me, Carrie Soukup, we can connect here.

But my point is that it’s possible to still feel that disconnection anytime we don’t have a life of integrated prayer.  And for me when I became a new mom, I did not know how to hold on to the depth of prayer that I’d had in my past with my current crazy days.. Brain numbing sleep deprived moments. 

I must confess that I’m a little older now and I have moved out of that wonderful swirly state of toddler-motherhood.  But we all still get that disconnect in different periods of our lives. And, thankfully, I stumbled upon a spiritual director who understood.  Actually, I think it was an act of God. This person was able to see through my frustrations and into the calling that God had in my heart. And it wasn’t a calling outside of my regular crazy wonderful, yummy, kid friendly life. Nor was it a vapid slavish existence void of mystery and contemplation.  I learned to pray my life.

So that wonderfully formative time of my life when I was going to spiritual direction with a fantastic priest from Opus Dei, I was able to bring together all of my Christian formation from the past and things came to make sense in the in the nitty-gritty details of dishes and email and silence… And I had a path.  I still walk that path.

You can move from frustration to faith through a framework of prayer that fits your life.

The amazing thing is that there are very specific concrete things that you can do to lead a spiritual life. On the other hand, they are entirely flexible and based on your circumstances, calling and character.

And that’s what I want to share with you. I want to share with you those concrete actions and help you to integrate it to YOUR life.  Because at the end of this 5 week course, I think that you can move from frustrated to faith. 

By the end, you will have a path.  I hope that you feel like it’s a brand new day.  The path and practices that you will have are foundational -foundational and flexible – and applicable to most stages of your life.  And even though you might still be feeling feelings of difficulty and stress, I think that with this approach to prayer you will be able to experience an uplifting faith in the midst of that.  This course will bring faith that God is with you through your faults, foibles and frustrations and that progress is possible.

It is God himself who calls and draws and heals. 

Because it is God who placed that longing next to the pain in your heart and it is God who wants to answer that.  Because in reality, there is nothing we can do to draw close to God.  It is God himself who calls and draws and heals.  And this course is about responding with love to that call – a way of opening ourselves to God who acts. 

So, what does the course entail?

20-30 minute videos

We will dive into prayer practices that have been present in the spiritual life for thousands of years. This will come through 5 sessions of video which I will email to you every week.

  • resolve
  • morning offering
  • sacrifice
  • the practice of the presence of God
  • meditation
  • evening examen
  • rest

tips, tricks and theology

I’m going to share a lot of practical, how-to tips and tricks, a little psychology and plenty of stories. I want to hold you by your hand as you go through this and slowly integrate each one of these pillars into your life. But even better, you will learn and experience some of the theology behind these practices. As a high school theology teacher, I can’t resist an opportunity for people to learn deeply.

extra audio encouragement

Twice during the course, I will send you some audio encouragement to listen to as you find the framework of prayer that fits with your life.

Plus, you will have links to printables and guided “homework” to build the framework of prayer to your life specifically.

Christian Leaders…

This course launches on October 24, 2020. Are you interested in taking the course for free and promoting it to your community?


5 videos
2 encouragement audios
Total: $57

But, there is a BIG DISCOUNT for those who sign up in the introductory period (by November 7th) – You pay only $27.

Plus, this November, I will host a live question and answer session.

Too much money? Some people may not be used to paying for things to help their soul but think about how much you would pay for a yoga class or a sports class for your kid. How much more is education for your soul worth? Think of this as a spiritual work out class or an education class for your spirit and sanity. If you really need this course but just can’t pay for it all, email me at and we can work something out.

This class is worth whatever you can put into it!  So, give yourself a break. Stop spinning your life and sign up for a framework of prayer. 

Friends make things better.

Also, please, if you feel so inclined, like or share this post.  And we can spread the word to more people. Pass along this info to 5,6 or 7 friends and see if you can go through this journey together. I promise that you will be better off if you do.

Let me help you find your footing!