Reflection on John 12:44-50

While I rarely consciously think that God the Father is actively waiting to condemn me, fear can convolute the truth and impression upon my feelings the dread of looming problems.  As I’ve spoken to other women, I find that I am not alone in this.  Do these hints of condemnation ever seep into your thinking?  It can be encouraging to hear Jesus articulate in today’s reading, “I do not condemn him”  “I did not come to condemn the world” “his (the Father’s) commandment is eternal life.”  This passage can assure us that God the Father’s desire for us and for the world is eternal life.  He sends his son Jesus as light for you because he cares for you and does not want you to experienced darkness.

The connection between Jesus and the Father comes up again and again in John’s Gospel.  It is a relationship of perfect love.  Jesus speaks not whatever he wants but what he hears his father say.  And today we hear that the father’s message is life – eternal life.  Belief in the son connects us to the source of this life.  Jesus is sent as light to save us from darkness.  Oh, let me put my trust in you, Jesus!  

As for condemnation?  That is not God’s will.  The Father and the Son are united in a mission to bring you and yours to eternal life.



How can you internalize the Father’s intention for you – light and life?

Jesus, we believe in you.  We receive you and the Father, glad for your light which leads to eternal life.  Please protect us from the fear of condemnation and let us trust in you.