Table of Contents

Collection of Grace – A Flexible Handbook for Growing a Life of Prayer


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Collected for You
How to Use this Book
Not Exactly Thriving
The Work of Cultivation
Helping Others in Prayer

Chapter 2: Intending the Best
Basics of the Faith

Chapter 3: Connecting Throughout the Day
Morning Offerings
Continual Prayer
Meal Time Prayers
Specific Activity Prayers
Evening / Bedtime

Chapter 3: Meditating
Formats for Meditations
Reflection Content Ideas
Devotions of the Saints

Chapter 4: Acting Well
Always Attitudes
Growth in Virtue
Freedom from Sin
Penance and Reconciliation

Chapter 5: Praying with the Church
Common Catholic Prayers
Mass Prayers
Longer Prayers and Litanies
Rosary Resources

Chapter 6: Expressing the Heart
Prayer with Others
Petition and Healing

Chapter 7: Finding Resources
Classic Prayer Books
Digital Prayer Resources
Authors for Study