We are limited

There is only so much you have the capacity to do.  No matter how much planning, creativity, staying up late or amazing effort, you can only be in one place at a time, doing one thing. Kids naturally know this limitation.  They whine.  They call, “Mooommmm”.  They expect their things will be taken care of even though … More We are limited

Feminine to the Soul

Sometimes, when I hear spiritual advice that takes a very active approach (work on this, keep at that, practice this) there comes a whisper of worry, longing to do what is required but wondering if my soul will really respond in growth to that or if it will be futile.  Even in the daily aspects of life, I’ve longed for God’s powerful yet … More Feminine to the Soul

Sleepless Retreat

Jesus often would withdraw to the lonely places to pray to his father in solitude.  This kind of prayer often preceded big moments in his mission – beginning public ministry, the bread of life discourse, his passion…  When people were clamoring for Jesus, the Spirit led him to places like the top of a mountain … More Sleepless Retreat

Mobile Monastery

Monks are successful at prayer largely because there are dozens of things through out the day that routinely, habitually call them to prayer.  Like Pavlov’s dog they hear a bell and it produces an immediate prayerful effect without much effort on their part because they have conditioned themselves.  What things are already part of your … More Mobile Monastery

Morning Prayer

Wake up with a sense of God on your side.  Whether you kneel, put your arms up, stretch, read the bible, say a memorized prayer or start a discourse, your morning prayer will set you off on the right direction. (more to come)

Trying New Things

Stress, frustration and blindness all seem to be part of trying new things. It is confusing at times to know whether to continue, whether you are making any progress or if you should consider yourself hopeless and give up. But the pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow does pay off. Being … More Trying New Things


This free audio book source has changed my day to day chores into a university lecture hall.  Even when I have no free time, I can cast myself into the classical world of Plato, stroll the countryside with Mr. Darcy, debate with Charlotte Bronte, or discover incredible treasure with the count of Monte Cristo.  With the touch of a … More Librivox