Pinterest Mom Heading for the Cross

The little neon green chairs and the 1940’s white leather bench were like magic in my house.  The kids actually sat down to do their homework; their shoes were neatly stowed.  Chores were cheerfully being fulfilled, somehow the laundry was already folded and the living room was tidy!  With my new furniture acquired from my husband’s grandmother and my organized crew, I felt very Pinterest-y on this sunny morning.  My house would never be chaotic again.  This was going to be It for good!  But then I looked again at the bench, the chairs and an end table with a little hole for writer’s ink.  This time I saw not Pinterest but Grandma.  The reason for this windfall- she died.  Grandma “had it all” – an organized house, neon chairs, a good routine, children who co-operated.  But that was not her crowning moment nor the goal.  Her last breath was.  Frail and empty handed, she surrendered the last bit of her life to Jesus and let go of this world.  That was it for good.  And that is it for me too.  I aim not for beauty, systems and success but for the Cross.  You too, if you are a Christian (a little Christ) are headed for the Cross.  Total surrender, total abandonment, total brokenness, total service.  And then we shall see what it will be like for Good.  Try putting that on Pinterest.

“Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain.” – John 12:24