Welcome to the Course!

Welcome to the 5 week mini-course – Find Your Footing – Framing Life in Prayer

If you’d prefer to read rather than watch a video, here is a transcript:

The Video Transcript:

You’re all signed up! You’re in the class. Welcome! Thank you so much for joining me. I am really delighted that we’re going to together find your footing by framing life in prayer. By taking a landscape view of some very traditional Catholic practices that are also incredibly flexible you may be able to integrate them into your life so that you can really reach into that desire that you have to love and to connect to walk with purpose and to have meaning in the things that you do all throughout the day.

That’s what we’re about. So this video (or transcript) is really just a chance for me to say “hi” because I am really glad that you’re here, but also since the class hasn’t started yet, I want to just let you know what to expect.

Okay, so once a week you will get a session starter email from me and that will have a video kind of like this but more like 15 minutes as well as some questions for you to talk with.

Your friends about if you’re taking this class along with others who have signed up – maybe a family member, a friend or two or five, you can take those questions and zoom together or get together over coffee and chat. If you don’t know anybody in this class, that’s good too. You can take those questions to journaling or you can just think about them.

Then once a week I’m also going to email you midstream after we’ve been had a chance to watch the video and kind of try some of these practices on your own. I am going to just send you an audio file in order to encourage you to keep on and just to recognize some of the pitfalls and the difficulties that people have because I want to be here to keep you going and to give you a little insight so that you can meet God even more beautifully in your life.

And there’s also an opportunity if you would like to be a part of a small private Facebook group with just the people who are taking this course during this month. Now if you’re not a social media fan, no problem you do not have to do this but if you want to it’s an opportunity for you to see some of the faces and have a little bit of a rapport with other people who are going through this journey as well.

So please email me anytime you’d like to make sure you understand what’s going on and I will be in touch with you soon. I look forward to our class starting and may peace be with you until then.